Venezuelan startup SinCola reduces wait times in line: profile

By August 28, 2017

SinCola is a smart solution for customer queue management. Telecoms stores, doctors’ offices, delicatessens or any place where customers wait in line can improve their customer satisfaction by shortening their customers’ perceived wait time.

The mobile application allows customers to “take a number” digitally with their phone and receive information via text message about their progress in the queue, freeing up time for them to do other tasks in the area or go enjoy a refreshment without losing their spot in line.

Why it’s important:

Increasing political and economic turmoil in Venezuela over the last few years has led to long and sometimes dangerous experiences in queues. It is interesting that a startup that aims to ease the pain of waiting in line comes from arguably the country with the most grave queue situation on earth.

The company, incubated by Telefonica-backed Warya, has branched out from Venezuela, announcing in early 2017 that it would offer its services in Mexico and Guatemala. Working with over 100 companies in the region including corporate giants like telecoms heavyweight Movistar, this company solves a daily headache for people around the world.

Founder’s Story:

Initially brought on the SinCola team as Direcot of Finance, co-founder and CEO Ronald Rodriguez Velazco has a background in finance from his time at Telefonica Movistar and Banesco, one of Venezuela’s largest banks.

In an interview with El Mundo after recently taking the CEO reins in 2015, Rodriguez said, “Initially I had the role of financial expert, little by little I got involved and now I am in charge of the project.”

Market Opportunity:

Queue management applications have been around for years and a number of restaurants and other service sector companies have white-labeled solutions to help their customers have a better experience waiting in line.

Other markets, like India, with long wait times for ATMs for example have also created innovative solutions to solve the headache of waiting in line.

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