Global startup Challenge Cup in Caracas open for registration

By August 31, 2017

Startup incubator 1776 partners with Revolution to discover the best startups around the world, and they are coming to Caracas on September 21 to discover Venezuela’s most innovative startup.

Caracas is one of 75 locations selected by 1776 for its 2017 Challenge Cup to present Venezuela’s hottest startups and win the chance to compete for the award.

For startups, it is also a chance to network with investors, potential customers, and make other connections to make their businesses a global success.

Startups from the US, Mexico, Australia, and Italy have already qualified for the grand final in New York City.

The fact 1776 has selected Caracas is promising news for the country, which currently experiencing extreme turmoil in the wake of financial collapse, among other turmoil.

By giving the country an opportunity to showcase its businesses, it not only gives Venezuela some positive news, for a change, but also demonstrates how committed 1776 is to exhibiting businesses from all over the world.

Whilst the competition won’t solve Venezuela’s problems [and nor should it be expected to], it could give the country the chance to solidify itself as a tech and startup region. Not just in Latin America, but potentially the world.

Even if the Venezuelan winner doesn’t emerge victorious in New York, the publicity generated and potential for investment can only mean good things for small businesses in the country.

Previous winners include Dubai-based MUrgency, a mobile application which connects people who need emergency response with their family and friends, qualified medical, safety, rescue and assistance professionals, and other users of the app.

Another was Twiga Foods, the “future of African retail.” It is a mobile-based, cashless, business-to-business supply company.

1776 is a global network aimed at empowering innovators everywhere. Its goal is to solve challenges across borders through innovation, break paradigms and to emerge in technology.

Its primary focus is education, energy and sustainability, health, and transport. All sectors that are perhaps the most important to cultivate and improve upon around the world.