Chilean Startup Mudango Digitizes Moving and Packing

By May 3, 2018

If moving houses is the source of stress for you, and you live in Chile, Mudango just might be able to help you. Launched in 2016, this startup pledges to make the experience of moving smoother, faster, and stress-free for its consumers. It is a modern and technological online moving platform in Latin America.

The website combines machine learning and ultra-personalized services to ease the process of moving. Sofia, a virtual robot specialist in moving based on relevant algorithm, helps the user to access budgets in real time, review evaluations of previous clients, and make a choice. Sofia also offers information such as prices segmented according to the level of service in less than a minute. The user can access all the information, such as the distance between start and destination, the number of cubic meters, the necessary materials, among others, through a smartphone or a computer.

The platform lists several moving companies and other relevant services from which to select from according to the requirements of the user.

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Founded by Roberto Picon Meleda and Ignacio Navarrete, the startup reveals its philosophy in one of its blog posts. While the traditional moving market, which is hundreds of years old, has not varied in its operations, it does not offer standardized offers, price transparency, and trusted information to help make decisions. On the other hand, the online moving platform is still immature, not much is known in this area, and it still does not have as much traction.

To balance it out, the company offers three kinds of services, ‘All-you-can-eat’, an offer that includes all the services at a single price; ‘Good, Better, Best’, a line-up of packages with incremental functionality that are flexible and adaptable; and ‘Build your own’, where the user can choose what they want and at what level they want it.

Mudango has been selected by Imagine Lab – an accelerator supported by Microsoft and Corfo, which is a government agency under Chile’s Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism in charge of supporting entrepreneurship.

The moving and packing industry is one of the oldest services being offered. Its evolution like any other industry has seen many changes from better auto power, packaging material, safety measures, and now digitized logistics. Some of the renown movers in Chile are Unipack, Ward Van Lines, Atlas International Movers, Decapack, all members of LACMA (Latin American and Caribbean International Movers Association). While Unipack boasts of 4,000 square meters of storage space, Atlas International Movers has 25 years of experience.

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Most prestigious moving companies are part of LACMA or FIDI (Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux). While LACMA is a democratic association whose membership consists of experienced and prestigious moving and relocation companies from Latin America and the rest of the world, FIDI is a global alliance of professional international moving and relocation companies.

Chile has lately been praised for becoming an encouraging platform for startups. In the past four years, Imagine Lab has supported 411 startups in Chile and Argentina. Their entrepreneurs have raised funding amounting to 2,000 million pesos. Moreover, its top 5 startups in Chile and abroad have garnered augmented sales growth worth more than $20 million.

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